Paul's GCC build environment

Paul's build environment - at 22nd October, 2007

I often get asked about how my build environment is structured, so here it is - in a single zip file.  I started too think about how to set it up from scratch, but it got too hard.  I started with the mozilla build environment, and hacked away over time...


* I have this all setup on u: drive.  It should be possible to move it to another drive, at the very least - gcc335.cmd would need to be modified to replace all references to u: with the new drive letter.

* I keep all my installed libraries in \extras - this was I can wipe out \usr when a new version of GCC comes out.

* Unzip to root directory

* Change to \extras\lib and run makeomflibs

* Create an icon on the WPS, Path and Filename = *,  Parameters = /ku:\gcc335.cmd, working directory = u:\

* launch icon, start building :)  Many things will compile with a simple ash ./configure, make

Updated in this version:
* (Hopefully) fixed the references to u: drive in all files bar gcc335.cmd
* Added a bunch more precompiled libraries

GCC Build environment - updated 20071022

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