What is possible so far with qdvdauthor ?

  • You can use a simple Template dialog to create your menus.
  • You can convert the whole project from PAL to NTSC and of course from NTSC to PAL.
  • You can generate the main menu.
  • You can generate Sub Menus.
  • You can create Subtitles for your videos.
  • You can transcode your input videos.
  • You can apply multiple audio streams to the input videos.
  • You can generate Buttons.
  • You can scale, color, stretch, twist and shout each object.
  • You can give each menu multiple sound tracks.
  • You can generate a dvd-slideshow.
  • You can create a full blown DVD without knowing the command line tools.
  • You can modify every generated command before executing and generating the DVD.
  • You can create animated menus (moving stuff around).
  • You can generate MovieMenus.
  • You can generate MovieButtons
    Note: Animated menus, MovieMenus and MovieButtons REQUIRE mplayer/mencoder !
  • You can contribute to qdvdauthor.
  • That’s it for now !!!

More details from http://qdvdauthor.sourceforge.net/

QDVDAuthor v1.0.0 – updated 20070719 – needs libc063.dll