Sane for OS/2

Current Binaries:Sane 1.0.27 – Updated 2019-03-21Sane 1.0.22 – Updated 2012-01-31
Tame 2008-04-26 Warpin Installation Package – Updated 2008-04-26 – now includes Sane 1.1.0-cvs & built with libc063.dllNew in latest release:

  • Updated to latest Sane CVS

Current Known Working Scanners (Updated 2nd September, 2006)
Acer Vuego 620U (Snapscan Backend)
Agfa Snapscan e25 (Snapscan Backend)
Agfa Snapscan Touch (Niash Backend)
Canon FB630U (Canon 630U Backend)
Canon FB636U 
CanoScan 1220U (Plustek Backend)
Canon LiDE20 (aka N676U)
Canon LiDE30
Canon LiDE35
Canon LiDE60
Epson CX4600 (Epson Backend)
Epson CX6600
Epson GT-7000
Epson Perfection 640U (Epson Backend)
Epson Perfection 660
Epson Perfection 1250 (Plustek Backend)
Epson Perfection 1260 (Plustek Backend)
Epson Perfection 1660 (Epson Backend)
Epson Perfection 1670 (Snapscan Backend)
Epson Perfection Photo 2400 (Epson Backend)
Epson Perfection Photo 2480 (Snapscan Backend)
Epson Perfection 3200 (Epson Backend)
Epson Perfection Photo 3490 (Epson Backend)
Epson Perfection 4870 (Epson Backend)
Epson RX620 Multi-Function Printer/Scanner (Epson Backend)
Epson Stylus Scan 2000 (Epson Backend)
Genius Colorpage Vivid4
HP 2100C (Plustek Backend)
HP 2200C (Plustek Backend)
HP 3300C (Niash Backend)
HP Scanjet 3C (SCSI)
HP Scanjet 4P (SCSI)
HP 5370C  (Avision backend)
HP 6200C (via USB)
HP 5200C (via USB)
HP 6200C/6250C (via USB)
HP 6350C USB Connected (HP Backend)
HP 7490C  (Avision backend)
HP 6200C (via USB)
HP 8200C (HP Backend)
HP 8250C (HP Backend)
KYE: Genius ColorPage Vivid 4 (gt68xx backend)
Medion MD 5345 (Genesys backend)
Mustek 600CU
Mustek Paragon 1200 A3 Pro
Mustek ScanExpress 1200 UB Plus (gt68xx backend)
Umax 1220U (Umax1220U Backend)
Umax 2200SU (Umax Backend)

To help support continued development of Sane (and other projects – see on OS/2,

Sane backends package contains only the files updated in \sane\lib\* and is useful to update an earlier release where the documentation and executables have not changed.

Before sending me bug reports to paul at smedley dot id dot au, please generate a full debug log by entering the following at a command prompt:
set SANE_DEBUG_xxxxxxx=255             
scanimage -v  1>output.pnm 2>debugoutput.txt

Where xxxxxx = the name of the backend listed for your scanner at

Email debugoutput.txt to me.