SANE – HP Scanner Support

SANE – HPLIP Scanner support

I’ve recently had a number of requests for support for HP scanners, which actually have very good support under linux using the HPLIP driver.

I have the printing side of HPLIP working for many people using eCUPS, however, whilst I’ve been able to compile a Sane driver, without having a HP device locally to assist in debugging, have not been able to get the scanning side of things working.

In order for there to be a possibility of me solving the problems, I would need to purchase suitable hardware. I would intend to buy something like the HP Photosmart 7510 which is recommended for use with HPLIP.

The cost of this printer at a local electronics store is $A229 (approx $US250) – it may be possible to find it cheaper but I’ll wait and see.

If people want to see the possibility of HPLIP scanner support on OS/2 and eComStation, please help support it’s development by helping me buy a device. Links to send sponsorship support are on this site. If the support is specifically for HPLIP support, please either send me an email or add HPLIP as a comment to the order.

Update 31/1, 6:30am: Sponsorship goal reached, thanks to Allan Holm, Ed Durrant, Thomas Klein, James Briggs, Stan Doda, Peter Flass

Note I use the word possibility above as it may not be possible to get this working. The intent would be to get scanning working both using USB and network, however there may be limitations of usbcalls that prevent this – I won’t know until I do some investigations.

hpaio v3.13.3 – updated 2013-05-26