Paul's GCC build environment

Paul's Build Environment

Some time ago, I had a downloadable version of my build environment available for download.

To try and reduce the download size, each time I've updated it, I've spent many hours trying to strip it down - as a result - the environment rarely gets updated, and in fact, the current version was last updated in 2007.

As a result, I've decided to make the environment available on a CD/DVD.

This reduces the amount of work to update the environment, as I simply need to select the appropriate directories, and burn the disc.  I also don't need to worry about keeping the size down, as I have up to 4.7gb to play with.

For simplicity, the environment expects to be installed onto drive U: - the same as my installation - again this limits the amount of work on my part to update this package. Advanced users are free to try and move the environment onto another drive - but this will not be supported.

The cost is $US30 shipped via airmail anywhere in the world. Use the link below to order, or purchase a Mensys sponsorship unit of $US30 or greater, and email me the invoice saying that you'd like to be send a disc.

I can also create a downloadable zip (download is over 1GB). Note this is the only option now, burning discs is a PITA, as is the process of mailing them from Australia. To get a download link, make any donation over $US15 via paypal, Arca Noae webstore, etc and send me an email requesting the link.

For new users, the rpm/yum is probably the better option anyway!

Funds received help support my development efforts as well as helping cover hosting costs, etc.


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