Port Updates (Yes, really)

Most of these aren’t technically new, but have been shared on various mailing lists, forums, etc.

PHP 7.4.27 (Updated 2022-01-24)

PHP 8.1.1 (Updated 2021-12-29)

PHP 8.0.14 (Updated 2021-12-28)

Apache2 v2.4.52 (Updated 2021-12-28)

Uniaud32 – numerous builds through 2019-2021

Stunnel v5.58 (Updated 2021-06-16)

ISC Bind v9.11.28 (Updated 2021-02-27)

Samba v4.11.x plugin for Netdrive

PHP v5.6.40 – Updated 2020-12-13

Apache2 v2.2.34 (Updated 2020-09-26)

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