dproxy is a small caching name server (DNS) for use between Local Area Networks and the internet.

It features:

  • small size: less than 3000 lines of code, ~25KB binary
  • modest resource requirements (runs great on an old 486)
  • discovers and serves names from /etc/hosts and dhcp lease files
  • human readable/editable ASCII text cache file
  • drops root priveledges early after startup

dproxy-nexgen is a rewrite of the core of dproxy. dproxy no longer uses gethostbyname() and so has no need to fork to handle new requests. This means dproxy is much faster and lighter resources.

More information about dproxy is available from http://dproxy.sourceforge.net/

dproxy-nexgen – updated 20060813 – needs libc061.dll

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