This new version finally finishes the new, native game engine to play original Emerald Mine and Emerald Mine Club levels exactly like in the original Amiga games. This additional new engine is highly compatible with the original game and can be optionally selected in the level editor. But it’s main purpose is to play those thousands of original Emerald Mine Club levels with original game playoriginal graphics (ECS or AGA) and original sounds. A new, huge level collection with hundreds of original Emerald Mine Club level sets will soon be available for this new engine!Besides this new game engine, the new version 3.2.0 contains a whole lot of great new custom element features, like custom element actions to trigger various actions on custom element change events — just play around with all the new features in the level editor to explore all the new possibilities, or soon have a look at stunning new level sets that make use of these new features (so far only released in the forum.Finally, the new version contains a great number of bugfixes (and probably also a lot of new bugs 😉 ).Most important changes since last release version 3.1.2:

– finished new native game engine for Emerald Mine (Club) levels
– added all new elements from EMC engine also to R’n’D engine
– added selection between ECS and AGA graphics for EMC levels to setup
– added multi-player support for EMC game engine (with up to four players)
– added player switching (visual and quick) to R’n’D and EM game engine
– added key shortcut settings for switching player focus to setup menu
– added custom element actions for CE change page in level editor
– added “CE value” and “CE score” counters for custom elements
– added cascaded element lists to element list in level editor
– added dynamic element list with all elements used in current level
– added special Supaplex animations for Murphy being bored and sleeping
– added setup option to display element token name in level editor
– added up to five title screens for each level set to show after loading
– added credits pages to the “credits” section that were really missing
– lots of bugfixes and internal engine changes (see ChangeLog file

The home of Rocks’n’Diamonds is

Rocks’n’Diamonds v3.2.4 – updated 20080508 – needs libc063.dll

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